Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ever Wonder Why?

1) You all know the poem we were taught as children to remember how many days each month has?
30 days has September, April, June, and November all the rest have
31 (January, March, May, July, August, October, December)
save for February which has 28
and 29 on leap year.
Here is my beef.  Why the heck doesn't February borrow a day from two months that have 31? Then more months would have 30 days, and every 4 years February would have 31 days and we would be dealing with less variables.

Here is what I propose:

J 31
F 30 ( 31 during Leap Year)
M 30 (March is madness, it can spare a day)
A 30
M 31
J 30
J 30 (take a day off...makes my birthday seem sooner!)
A 31
S 30
O 31
N 30
D 31
*** Also notice how the number of days in each season are more uniform***

2)  What is up with the letter 'C'?  It brings nothing unique to the alphabet.  Seriously 'K' and 'S' have it covered.  And don't give me that, "combine 'C' + 'H' spiel, 'K' is totally up to taking on that duty. Afterall, 'S' does it just fine. Really it makes more sense for 'K' to do the same.

Here is what I propose, do away with 'C' altogether:

A B D E F / G H I J K / L M N O P / Q R S T U / V W X Y Z

25 letters of the alphabet, easily divided by 5, which I think splits things up quite nicely. Tidy and even for pre-school teachers to introduce the letters in groups.

In order for these changes to really have a shot though...we need a new 'Days of the Month Poem' and new "Alphabet Song Tune"

Like shouting out each group of 5 letters like a cheer!
A--B--D-E-F ! (double time on the last 3 in the group)
G--H--I-J-K !
L--M--N-O-P !
Q--R--S-T-U !
V--W--X-Y-Z !
And then ending the whole shebang with "GOOOO ALPHABET! YAAY!"

(I'll give you a minute to try it out yourself, I know you want to)


Thirty Days Hath February, March, April, June, July, September, and November.  All the rest have Thirty-One; even February when its Leap Year. The End.
Catchy, No?

So remember how you vote in 2012, we can change the WORLD...mwahhahaha. Oh Yeah, and I hate Daylight Savings Time, so lets do away with that too.


  1. You could rule the world!

  2. Wouldn't that be cool? The world would be all sunshine and lollipops!

  3. So I think your post is hilarious...but your Socialist idea of redistributing the days of the month is a bit radical...also the C came first if any letter needs to go it is the K. LOL

    1. radical, yet logical....and no C is the letter to get the boot. I stand firm in that belief.