Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kids really AREN'T the same thing as dogs

I get funny looks when I tell people this...which a normal person might take a sign to stop saying it.  Myself, not being normal, I blog it.  Are you like me, you like kids, but kinda in the way you like dogs? You love your own, but aren't always sure what to think of other people's? 

Actually I love love love the idea of dogs...but well I don't like getting slobbered on, my crotch sniffed, or drool and hair on my clean clothes...but the pictures with kids and dogs together. Awhh, heartwarming. Plus I have fond memories of playing with puppies at Grandpa & Grandma's house, and our own sweet childhood pet, who I shared turns licking ice cream cones, who we had the fun game of don't let the dog bite your feet, who liked my sister better than me....though that is a whole 'nother story. I digress. RIP Bandit.

This post is supposed to be about how your kiddos can give you both highs and lows.  Whether you are a full fledged kid lover and always have been, can't imagine loving any other kid(s) than your own, didn't know you liked/wanted kids until you had your own, or anywhere in between.  The little buggers make you reflect on yourself.

10 Ways Kiddos are Good for Your Self-Esteem

1. That million dollar smile they flash when you walk into their line of sight. It is only compariable to the excitement a dog has when welcoming home its owner. (though I'm not a dog person per say...moving on, I keep comparing kids to dogs...I really have got to stop doing that)

2. Waking up to a little boy who wants to crawl into bed with you first thing in the morning to jabber, steal your pillow, watch a video on your phone, get your lazy butt out of bed cuddle.

3. "Mommy, need my hug and kiss" followed by a "oh, thank you mommy"

4. The cheering for accomplishing even the smallest feats! "Great job mommy" (closing a plastic Easter egg)

5. When getting ready in the morning and doing your hair you hear "oooh, mommy looks pretty"

6. Does it count that I consider having a baby a good excuse for the extra weight?

7. When they use 'please'; 'thank you'; 'no thank you'; 'you're welcome'; remind you to pray before eating...etc.  Makes you feel like you must be doing something right and setting a good example.

8. Baby cuddles, the way you can make the scary, sad, or hurt disappear by gently rocking them in your arms.  Rock on Super Mom!

9. Intuitively knowing when Mom is having a rough day, saying "Mommy sad" and trying to make it all better.  Or crawling over, grabbing a fist full of hair bringing you face to face with a droolly little smile, that really does make it all better.

10. Getting to hear all the comments about how "cute" your kids are, especially when followed by "they look so much like you".  Does that make me a bit shallow...of course, but back me up mom's(and dad's) you like it too.

10 Ways Kiddos are Bad for Your Self-Esteem

1. They remind you to be humble with the most innocent comments.  Example:
Me: We are going to go home and eat some yummy yummy food!
Toddler: Yummy yummy food.....Yay we going to Grandma's house!
2. When they poke your belly and giggle....Awesomeness, jiggly mom belly is funny, if that isn't inspiration  to get more active. Note to self, remember the 28 goals...get on that running one.

3. They parrot everything you say.  That may bite you in the butt, depending on where they choose to repeat it.  I deem embarrassment as bad for one's self-esteem.

4. They snub you after an absence...or show favoritism to the other parent at any point in time.  You KNOW it shouldn't matter, because its perfectly normal...but really what hurts worse than your own flesh and blood ditching you?

5. More humble reminders with innocent comments. Example:
Toddler: playing quietly then saying "Mommy need to clean house"
 6. Asking a question and answering it "Mommy too busy" before you even have a chance to respond. That one hurts, and reminds me to evaluate my priorities (which by that way after trying to make up for that leads to #5 - You can't have it both ways kid!)

7. Hearing a thud from the other room and immediately hearing your baby cry..and subsequently horrifying yourself with the following thought "If he can cry it probably wasn't that serious of a fall".  Not the greatest justification for wanting to use the bathroom in peace.

8. Realizing that with the baby being out of the womb longer than he was no longer have the "its takes as long to take off as it did to put on excuse"

9. Even more humbling innocent comments:  Child seeing an old picture of you and remarking "Mommy was pretty" did'ya catch that? 'WAS'

10. The look.  You know the one I am talking about.  It follows a request to do something that you can't...and you get that look that says "But Daddy/Grandma/Grandpa/the Neighbor's 2nd Cousin's Boyfriend's Dog could do it!"

All you can do is cherish it all, and call your mom to reminisce and verify "It's all normal."  Children are wonderful, no matter which way their grimy little chubby paws are pulling at your heartstrings at any given moment. I know I wouldn't trade mine for the world.

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