Friday, March 23, 2012

Time to Panic?

The hubby's deployment is set for this Spring, and well with the 70+ degree weather outside its sinking in that Spring is coming. Well technically as of this week its here. WOW! the time is creeping up on us faster than I would like.  He keeps telling me, the faster it gets here the faster its over.  With the training he has left, I have realized time at home with my whole family is getting limited.

Next moment of panic, I started remembering all kinds of projects we need to get done around the house. But mostly I am in planning mode! Hubby agreed to let me throw him a pre-deployment party.
Send-Off Party (what I have planned so far):
  • I would like to get a bunch of his friends and family together a before he goes to they can tell him how proud they are of him and give him the support he deserves.  Problem, I only know his more immediate family and don't know who else to invite because we live in the small town he grew up in...he knows everybody...and I don't.  Word of mouth, open invite in the paper? Tacky, yes or no?
  • I ordered invites from to send out also.  Love them!
  • I'm thinking a patriotic theme. has some americana bunting ($6 each); bundle of american flags ($4.25 for 144); support out troops flags ($5.99 for 72) ;Tin centerpieces ($13/dozen).  I think the prices are pretty good. I already have garland, my MIL has 4th of July plates and napkins.  I also ordered some Americana table runners ($4.99 each, but I had coupons) from Hobby Lobby. So for decorations I will spend under $70.00. (Bonus: down the road the extras can be used for 4th of July decorations...and of course the Welcome Home Party!!)
  • Red, White, and Blue Balloons.. I'll probably tie them to the tin centerpieces. Easy decoration and kid entertainment.
  • Apothecary jars filled with red, white, & blue candy...or sand?
  • I have most everything on hand for the food. I'm thinking simple, just sloppy joes w/salads. 
  • My awesome and talented cake making Aunt is making the cake.  I am super excited to see what she comes up with.  I will definitely post pictures (with her approval of course).
  • My boss said I could use the safety room at work (very large room already set up with table and chairs, also setup for a buffet with outlets accessible)
  • I want to get letters and notes from all the people in his life to incorporate into care packages.  So he can have words of encouragement that will keep on coming throughout his deployment. 
  • On the invites I asked guests to come prepared to share their favorite memories of/with the Hubby.  I will have them write those memories down, or possibly record them, and will be putting together a special little scrapbook to send to him.  Whenever he feels homesick, he can see that we are missing him too!
  • I am also planning on having an address book/notebook for people to write down their name and email addresses if they would like me to share updates.

***I deal with stress by getting wrapped up in something and planning.  I am aware the little details don't ultimately matter, but it's one of my ways of showing I care. With so much out of my control, I like planning for what I can.***

Anyone have any ideas or tips they would be willing to share?

I will be using the blog with my ideas for weekly care packages.  I am actually going to start putting some together before he leaves, and once he is over there and has requests I will add in the necessary items to the sentimental/novelty ones.

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  1. I think your idea is wonderful. Until I lived in a military community I never truly understood the sacrifice made. Not only with their life but what they miss while they are fighting for our freedom. Also the huge sacrifice for the family at home to do withour a member of the family is hard, really hard. I will be praying for his safety and return home until he returns home. God bless your family. Love your Aunt Lucy