Friday, March 2, 2012

Hack, Hack, Hacking on Heaven's Door

Okay, I may be prone to exaggeration. (Though not about the hacking, there is plenty of that going on) Our whole house is sick and crabby.  The Toddler has a double ear infection and they gave him a Z-Pack and Cough Syrup with Codeine in it!  Really Codeine for a two year old?  My Doctor did tell me that we parents should feel free to take a teaspoon of it also if our coughs get worse.

In other news, the toddler went to bed early and so far is sleeping quite well.

The Big D was deemed healthy, apparently his reason for crabbiness is getting 6 teeth this week.  Which I kinda figured, but she wasn't worried about his cough and just thought there was a lot of pressure from the new toof-ers.  He is in the 75% for noggin size and height, and 30% for weight.  He is 20 pounds of chunky monkey and 29 inches tall.  He just went through a growth spurt so his weight will likely catch up soon, although I would have  never known it would need to catch up.  Seriously the little fella has more rolls than I can count.

My dear sweet sister let me drop the kids off at her office while I went to my chiropractor appointment.  Which went very well, likely because I didn't have 2 crying babies along.  Then we went home, got the prescriptions filled and drugged up.

Hubby stayed at the farm for calving, and I didn't have the patience to wait in the waiting room with two crying kids long enough for an opening in the walk-in-clinic for myself, so I am hoping over the counter meds can cure whats ailing me.   (I did try out the recommended adult dose of the Rx Strength Cough Syrup...and now I also feel like sleeping.)

Top 10 Things that Suck about being sick
1) You have no energy and don't feel like doing anything = You don't do anything and the house falls to shambles.

2) You can only imagine what menopause will be like, You can't decide if you are freezing or cooking.  The family doesn't seem impressed when you touch the thermostat.

3) Hubby doesn't take the Toddler with him to do chores = less rest and more sick crabby people.  It's really quite amazing the Hubby comes home at night.

4) You have a glorious excuse to pull the sympathy card to get whatever you want....but you can't enjoy any of the fruits of aforementioned card because you are miserable sick.

5) If you do think you may enjoy the results of the sympathy card, your kidlets are much better at it than you so you will defer to fulfilling their whims...and somehow  they do manage to enjoy it.

6) Who really wants to use a sick day off work, by suffering and actually being sick?

7) Being sick throws off your entire schedule, so the effects last longer than the disease.

8) Nothing ruins the fun game of kissy face with the kidlets more than everyone having runny & snotty noses.  You suddenly regret teaching them any game that requires your being in close proximity.

9) If you do get a chance to nap, there is a greater than 79% chance the phone will ring...and 100% chance said phone ringing will wake up any napping kidlets in the vicinity. (Even though typically they could sleep through a hail storm on a tin roof)

10) You start putting your symptoms in WebMD and discover you only have days, possibly hours to live. (It's been nice knowing you.  In Lieu of flowers please send wine...if I do kick the bucket I have always been fascinated with the idea of wakes and would like you all to throw me one)

Seriously I can't get over the fact my 2 year old is on codeine!

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