Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Carepackage(s)

Okay I put a lot of thought into this one.  I had already sent a Christmas-esque carepackage, but then I had the brilliant idea of sending a package that kept on giving. (And by "I" had a brilliant idea, I mean I was inspired after reading another blog and loving her idea: I was nearing the cutoff date to sending him something in time for Christmas, but also at home I was thinking of family traditions I wanted to start.  Growing up we left the Christmas tree up until Ephinany, so while we didn't do an extravagant 12 days of Christmas it was present, and I thought it might be a fun little tradition for my fam.

So I decided to send the Hubby something for each day, giving him nearly two weeks of looking forward to having something to open.  Hopefully making his holidays a little more cheerful. I was proud of myself. Overly proud over something silly? That's a big fat yes!

I pestered co-workers, friends, and even a few online forums I used when I was expecting my kiddos for ideas.  Those What to Expect When you are Expecting and Baby Center Mommas have some great ideas!  Of course I also perused pinterest, and kept in mind the Hubby's wishes. Nothing that just takes up space, nothing he has to worry about getting back home, and easy on the sweets he is working on keeping his manly figure.  This idea was actually a lot harder than I anticipated.  I am a sentimental, keep sake, cute decoration loving gal...and most ideas I came across were snack orientated.  The Hubby is a low maintenance do without fellow.  As far as keepsake-y reminder of home stuff, he wanted letters and a family picture.  That's it.

Then I heard from my Hubby and was giving him the instructions to not suck the fun out of this and trying to make him promise to only open one gift a day in proper order....and he informed me no go.  Apparently he had open them all as soon as they arrived and report the contents.  I didn't think of the inspections.  So my fun idea lost some of the magic.  Think I could talk him into re-wrapping his presents and opening them up again one at a time?  Yea, he didn't think so either.

Anyway, as he has already opened his gifts I can share the goods.
Day 1: one irish spring shower gel and back scrubbie
Day 2: two work gloves
Day 3: three summer sausages
Day 4: four packs of prilosec
Day 5: five $5 scratch tickets (he won about $30)
Day 6: six air freshners (there are 6 guys in the room)
Day 7: $70 i-tunes gift cards
Day 8: eight hot hands warmers
Day 9: nine ferrero rocher truffles
Day 10: ten pairs of socks
Day 11: eleven bags of microwave popcorn
Day 12: twelve packets of hot chocolate and a bag of mini marshmallows

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