Saturday, December 22, 2012

Photo Bomb 34

Dear Hubby,

This week our household finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel and are on the mend.  The Big D escaped any illness, but the Toddler saw it come and go.  Sunday I thought we were in the clear.  We had a fairly big day.  We enjoyed the Christmas Program the kids put on after mass, and after a lovely nap-time and getting to talk to you for several hours (always a big highlight) we had company.  I should have been smart enough to get out my camera....but I didn't.

Both boys enjoyed having two other little boys their age to play with.  I enjoyed having someone my age to visit with too! I was relieved to know I am not the only parent who has little ones with a fascination of tree ornaments.  I think the two moms enjoyed visiting too, at least I did.  I'm looking forward to doing more entertaining and having friends over more often when you get home. There really are so many nice people in this community and as I get to know people better, it feels more and more like home.

Monday we relapsed with a fever returning and nasty cough, so my mom came up and watched the boys at our house.  We couldn't get him into the doctor until Tuesday, poor little guy was getting over a lung infection.  The verdict is that he is unlucky and caught a couple things back to back.  He was cleared for daycare and some antibiotic and has been a go-go-goer ever since.

My sister and her kiddos came up Wednesday and picked the boys up from daycare while I went to my safety meeting after work.  The boys loved the did I, because I forced them to stay longer than they planned.  Mwhahahaha.  The rest of the week was just business as usual. I went to work, the boys to daycare and we chatted with you every chance we got.

Yum Grapes! 

Oh no it broke again!
I fixed this truck for him no less than 25 times...
then I hid it. (good parenting right?)

 Future mechanic?

Attacking Christmas Tree #3

Repelling a pink seahorse off a picture frame.

Did you notice the scratch on the Big D's chin? Apparently he was climbing on something (shocker)at daycare and fell and caught his chin.  There was minimal bleeding and it hasn't seemed to faze him...I guess it just ups his street cred.
Rocking the Spider Man Pajamas.

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