Monday, December 10, 2012

Party Crashing

Last weekend we crashed a 4 year old's birthday party.  I'll call him a quasi-cousin.  It's my sister's nephew.  She has the best inlaws, they are awesome and fun.  That sounds wrong, I am not implying my inlaws aren't awesome and fun.  We are just the first to start a family, so we have the only kiddos. Our boys get their cousin experience from my niece and nephew and a little outsourcing.

Another explanation, this many be normal for most families.  However to let you know what I am comparing to for cousin playtime expectations.  My mom was born #8 of 16 children.  The vast majority of those 16 had/are having children of their own....and some of those children are now having children of of their own.  I believe I am #9 of 56 grandchildren and 85 counting great grandchildren...and that is just my Mom's side of the family! And that's just counting 1st cousins! My point is I grew up with lots of cousins and I loved it.  In my family it seems to be be about 5 new babies each year, for my Grandma a mix of Grandkids and Great Grandkids.  My kids currently have only two first cousins, with one on the way that will make his/her debut in January! I'm getting off track, we adopted my sister's other nieces/nephews/inlaws. The more the merrier right?

What a creative momma Mr. T has! My boys were thrilled.  I think they were more excited for the new toys than the birthday boy!

Another shocking discovery: little children, no naps, and full of ice cream, cake and frosting - played nice together.  That really happened!

Cute little children, oh Lord, those eyes!  Right?

 How old are you today?
...Why is that silly?

The Toddler is still enamored with tool belts and that is all he wants for Christmas.  He needs a tool belt to put his tools in so he can "be a real Bob the Builder and fix it good as new!"

We had zero meltdowns until getting into the car to leave. I think the boys would have moved in the garage

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