Monday, December 3, 2012

Photo Bomb 30

Dear Hubby,

This week went by fast, and the end of it was my favorite part.

  • Of course it went fast, Monday was my only full day I put in at work. 
  • Tuesday I had to pick the Toddler up from daycare due to Impetigo (contagious skin infection, he got it after his little nose getting rubbed raw from a runny nose.)  
  • Wednesday was the Big D's 18 month Well-baby Checkup, no more shots until school age! Which by the way I vote you have to take the boys to those appointments, I've done my duty as the mean parent.  
  • Thursday of course was Thanksgiving, we had a great time gathering together with family.  Yummy food, fun conversation, herds of children roaming about like plundering and pillaging really missed out.  Everyone asked about you, and no shoes ended up on the roof of the Church this year. 
  • The rest of the week of course we spent at home, enjoying your pass and taking full advantage of FaceTime.

The only pictures from the week that weren't taken at Thanksgiving. 

It took the Big D a little bit to warm up to a Thankful set of mind.

The men all sat at one table, drank beer, told stories and laughed loudly.
I think they only moved to eat...or grab another beer.

My grandma and 12 out of her 16 kids.
Not one of them wanted their picture taken.

My cousin and his beautiful bride to be!
(In my family if your beau comes along to Thanksgiving, they are in it for the long haul!)

One cute little girl getting loved on by her Aunty and Grandma!


 The boys in search of more Grandma Snooks Rolls - those things are the stuff legends are made of.  I went through the line somewhere in the middle and they were already gone!

Training future generations of paparazzi!

 Attempting to get the 5 cousins born in 2011 all together for a picture...didn't happen (Whomp whomp)

I don't want to ever do that again!

Favorite tidbits:

The Big D after climbing up on a chair at Thanksgiving and knocking over a cup of tea. Hands straight up in the air "Mess, Mess, Mess!"

The Toddler after having an accident spent a fair amount of time running around with no pants on, a zip up sweater and snow boots....I pretended I didn't know who he belonged to.  I actually remembered we had snow pants in the car, once those were added to the ensemble...he looked pretty cool.

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