Thursday, December 6, 2012

Package from the Hubby

My Hubby sent me a package!  He actually sent it a few days before I was able to get his Thanksgiving Care Package sent out (wayyyy after Thanksgiving was over).  He got his package first.  Mine was well worth the wait though.  He had said he hoped it would get here before when it arrived yesterday I did debate waiting until Christmas to open it.  That idea vanquished from my mind approximately 3 seconds later.

Inside were 8 pashmina/silk blend scarves from Afghanistan, a polished rock egg, and four recordable story books for the boys.

Four new recorded book for the boys!
We loving hearing Daddy's voice!

The boys now have a collection of 7 daddy books.

Am I spoiled? Yep
Do I appreciate it? Yep
Do I feel bad his care package only had nut rolls and shaving cream in it? Not really... but don't judge me its what he wanted!

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