Saturday, December 22, 2012

Photo Bomb 33

Dear Hubby,

This week is a bit foggy in my mind.  It is amazing how quickly time moves and I forget the small details.  My big accomplishment for the week is getting Christmas cards mailed out.  We dealt with a sick kiddo also, which why not a whole lot was accomplished. (I'm also lazy what with the livingroom rearrangement and the need to plug in and put away a cord every time I want to get online.)

The Toddler woke up in the wee hours on Wednesday and informed me that his bed was messy and to come see.  I expected that it would be a bit damp...he refused to make a trip to the bathroom before bed and had been chugging water.  Instead it was a much bigger mess!  He had mentioned his stomach hurt before bed, but it was tucked in the middle of a list of excuses:
  • I'm not tired
  • I'm scared of my room
  • I don't like the dark
  • I want to sleep in your bed
  • I just love you and want to stay with you forever
  • I'm hungry
  • I'm thirsty
  • I want to take a bath
  • I want you to read me a book, five times!
  • I want to talk to Daddy
  • I want to snuggle with you
  • I want to sleep on the couch
I stripped him down and his bedding and threw it all in the wash.  Well, him I threw in the bathtub and got him cleaned up.  He was thirst so I gave him a little water and tucked him into my bed.  By this point the Big D was beginning to stir, so I rocked him to sleep in the living-room ...and woke up in the morning to my bed meeting the same fate the Toddler's bed had met.

That is kinda how the week went.  The Big D never did get sick and was 150mph, and the Toddler recovered from his flu bug just in-time to catch a nasty fever and cough. All in all I ended up missing about half the work week...but I wasn't exactly not working.
 We did a lot of vegging on the couch, this is a rare moment of calm for the little one.

The Big D didn't quite grasp the concept of picking up,
but I guess he did get himself put away?

 The Toddler contemplating sending himself to see Daddy.

Measuring everything we can with the Bank's Christmas giveaway tape measure.

The boys playing with book covers
(or as I called them DIY pope hats)

 The Big D really wanting the "balls" on the tree,
and about to get in trouble for hammering the tree.

 Helping Aunt B cook

Seeing how they measure up.

At least someone seems almost as sad as Mamma for growing up too fast.

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