Sunday, December 9, 2012

Photobomb 32

Dear Hubby,

This week we had another infectious disease to combat in our house: ringworm. Which is the same as athletes foot or jock itch...just on a different part of the body.  Gotta love one more reason to not be able to go to daycare.  Not sure where it came from as we aren't a wrestling family and have no pets, but he is a boy and likes to play in the dirt, so I guess it could have come from anywhere.

I relied on a lot of family to get me through the week.  Monday I drove the boys to my sister's because she had the day off...and was feeling insane.  I owe her a medal, for real.  She ended up having 4 little boys in the 3-4 year range and 2  one-and-half-year olds, and that's before her two kids got out of school. Crazy award for being willing to watch them all, hero medal for getting them all to take a nap at the same time!

Tuesday and Wednesday your Madre took a shift, and Thursday and Friday my Aunt drove 4 hours to come stay at the house and watch the boys.  That is a lot of love!  I am so thankful for all the help, and loved having my Aunt here.  She attempted to teach me to crochet, but I was excited to have an adult to visit I kept us both up way later than necessary.  The Toddler deemed her his sister, then the pretty girl, and his best friend. Long story short, she was a huge hit at the house.

The Big D got on my bad side with erasable markers.  By the way, they don't erase off the wall as easily as a white board... does wipe off the cabinets fairly easily though!

Not sure of Mom's new clutter control/toy basket idea.  
He approved of it after finding it was quite easy to empty.

The Big D lov'n him some hats!  And the Toddler loving his new "best friend".

The boys getting into EVERYTHING!
The Toddler looks upset...but he is just making sound effects.

My aunt also tried to help us take a family picture... was hard to wrangle both the boys at the same time...
So after many takes and several different poses, we went with the one we are all in the picture at least 1/3 of us are looking at the camera.  You will see it on the Christmas card, just thought you might enjoy some behind the scenes shots.

And oh yeah, we also got the tree up and decorated. I played with some tutorials to get the glow-y beautiful Christmas tree camera is still smarter than me.  I was also lazy and in a hurry so I didn't fluff the branches on el' year I will take more time on that part...haha, maybe.

I'm not much of a photographer,
but I still thought the tree was pretty.

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