Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Adults are About to be Outnumbered

My Big sister is expecting Baby #3.  
She already has two cute kiddos in her family (totally bias Auntie...but agree or I will punch you...not that you wouldn't because they are cute)

One of her family friends did a Maternity Shoot and will be doing Newborn pictures as well.
So I lifted the pictures from Facebook.  (But you should definitely check out other work by Britny Sportsman Photography).

My sister always has been the pretty one.  She has never felt it, but I have always thought she looks even more gorgeous while pregnant.

So here is to you sis, I just had to show you off.
You look great and I can't wait to hold my niece/nephew in two weeks!

(By the by...I'm guessing girl)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Technical Difficulties

I was planning on updating my blog regularly again...however our computer crashed and no longer even turns on.  I'm not smart enough to use the app and blog from my IPad...well beyond writing, I don't know how to add the pictures. A month hasn't allowed it to magically heal itself, so I'm guessing the magic smoke that runs the computer leaked out.

So I guess I am on hiatus again.

But posts on the way waiting (some things just can't be shared without pictures)-