Monday, January 7, 2013

Photo Bomb 35

Dear Hubby,

I realize it is Monday...meaning I am late yet again with my weekly obligation for updated pictures of your growing monsters and weekly wrap-up on our little families doings. I'm guessing you will forgive me because you don't have much of a choice...mwuah hahaha...that and we actually email, FaceTime, and message each other throughout the week so you kinda already know what we have been up to.

As always we love and miss you and pray for your safety everyday.  Oh yeah, and a very belated Merry Christmas.  Christmas Eve daycare was closed and I had to work so the boys got some Grandma/Papa time in at the farm and when I got off work we exchanged presents (aka-the boys unwrapped Toys-R-Us). Next stop was your grandmas and more gifts.  The boys are now proud owners of a microphone that plays holiday tunes and turns your voice into an elf, as well as a 5 ft x 5 ft inflatable bounce house castle complete with 100 plastic balls.

Christmas Day we went to mass and I will admit it was a hard one for me.  The boys were acting up, I was exhausted and mainly just missing you. The entire day was just hard without you, everything felt wrong.  But we overcame, we went to friends/quasi brother-in-laws for lunch (I count my sister's in-laws as my inlaws too).  Our gracious host even went shopping for the boys so they would have the same amount of gifts to open as the other kids and sent them home with gift bags full of candy and a new matchbox car. After some much needed naps we were back out at the farm to have supper with your family.

The Toddler's favorite toys seem to be the karokee robot and a remote control car, or as he calls it his Racing Tractor.  The Big D is smitten with the tot sized card table and chairs, and then big blocks.  Actually they love everything, but the week of Christmas those were the big draws.

I didn't pack my camera around to all the Holiday feasting and festivities because I know myself well enough to know I still wouldn't get any pictures.  I am so happy that we were able to FaceTime on Christmas day and that your whole family got to chat with you.

The Toddler belting out some tunes!

The Big D improvising his own microphone...
he wants to do everything just like big brother.

What don't all kids drink hot cocoa out of plastic cups and straws?

I'm just showing off how good he is getting at drinking out of a cup now...
provided you watch him and he doesn't get bored and start filling it up with anything else he can reach.

The boys hugging their Daddy Dolls...and yes I did go overboard on these pictures but I loved them.

Daddy Seep'n (Sleeping)

Awwhh!  Giving Daddy kisses!
The Toddler was giving you a tour of the house and telling you stories but was booking it too fast to get more pictures of him.

What other choice do you have but dress up when a 1-year old shoves something in your face and says:
Hat - gwobes (Gloves)

The Big D loves brothers extra hat and gloves.

Brothers that build together stay together.

The Toddler quizzing his little brother on the names of all the Cars characters....and yes he knows them.

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