Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photo Bomb 38

Dear Hubby,

This week has gone by fast, which is surprising as many seem to drag on.  Things have been busy at work with year end stuff and just various things.  I went to the eye doctor to have my right eye looked at.  Met up with my BIL for lunch and got to check out the new house. My sister asked how my lunch date with her husband was and then paused and then said that sounded bad.  I told her it could sound worse, after all her husband took me home with him after our lunch date.  Haha, yep, that sounds worse. They lost some overall square footage, most noticeably in the kitchen, but it should be a nice little spot until they build.

The boys were a handful this week, I keep finding more and more objects and places they got with the marker, and the general never ending messes.  The Toddler told me a couple nights ago while I was rocking him and reading a book before bedtime. "Momma, look at this mess!  You need to clean this all up before you can go to bed.  What a mess, clean up all this marker of the rocking chair."  At that point I realized both arms on the chair are all marker-ed up, with the stain on the wood I'm going to do some research online before I try and clean it up.

We had a lot of fun playing games and reading books though.  The Big D is finally able to hold still long enough to sit through a book. Your Aunt and Uncle watched the boys Wednesday night during the safety meeting and as near as I can tell everyone had a blast.  God bless them, they have been a great help for us while you have been gone...well, and before too.  I gained some awesome people in my family when I married you.

My Sister's fam was planning on making the big move to their new house Saturday, so I volunteered to bring snacks, make lunch, and watch kiddos during the move.  They were anticipating a couple trips back and forth.  I had decided to make cakeballs as a snack...however the boys got into and decimated the cake.  So I picked up doughnuts, chips and dip, and veggie tray and brought everything I needed to make my Taco Casserole. I failed to think through the fact that they were moving and may not have all their kitchen stuff moved already.  It all turned out there was no can-opener.

PS-did you know that cans can be opened with determination and a dull steak knife?

PPS-No pictures, I was watching 7 children, getting lunch ready, and helping move boxes to the basement.  The camera stayed in the car.  But I will Photo Crash their house and give you a virtual tour on our next visit.

Watching Football and Eating Snacks

They could care less about the game, but did enjoy the snacks.

Bob the Builder taking a break.

Let them eat cake?

What me?  I know nothing about this mess.
Just kidding, I was in on the whole thing.

Take a picture of all the crumbs for Daddy!

The Big D's big discovery?
If no one wants to play hide-n-seek with you, you can still always count and hide by yourself!


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