Monday, January 14, 2013

Photo Bomb 37

Dear Hubby,

This week was another hard one. The closer Spring gets, the further away it seems. The weather got cold and I miss having you around. Typically winter is when I see you more, due to the shorter working days at the farm. The boys have really been missing you too. They actually had a full out war over the FlatDaddy with the ensuing argument of whose daddy you were. They didn't want to accept the answer of you being both of their daddies.

I think I forgot to do a post on it, but awhile back we turned the kitchen wall into a "All About Daddy's Deployment" Wall. I ordered a peel and stick, dry erase world map to help show the boys where you were.  "Far away in Ass-gan-stan" was just a repeated phrase...I also refer to grandma and grandpas as far away. You see where they were struggling with the concept.  We have a rough estimate countdown, a framed picture of you, occasionally the FlatDaddy - though that gets packed around and can live in any room of the house, some of your framed awards and certificates, and a framed flag poster. It seems to help the boys when they want to talk about you.  The Big D gives one of your pictures a hug and kiss every morning.  Its part of his routine, "Hi Daddy-mwhuahh!"

Anyway, this week can be summed up by it was cold and we missed you....and one of the boys turned off the heater before bed and we woke up to a house in the 50s.  I'm still trying to get warm.  Sending you warm and merry wishes You might want to return the favor, we could use them too :)

 The Toddler being pretty proud of himself for putting on his hat, gloves, and snow boots all by himself!

Practicing counting on the IPad.

The Big D listening to Daddy read him a book.

Everyone's got a little Cap'n in them

The boys hugging "Daddy" and hanging out.
(I have a lot of cute boys in my life)

Introducing Lightening McQueen to Daddy

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