Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Photo Bomb 36

Happy New Year!

2013 is indeed going to be a splendid year!  Why am I so confident?  Well because of you,  my dearest Hubby, you will be coming home from your deployment and back to us. You+Home=Better than anything 2012 had to offer.

To wrap up Week One of the new year, we didn't get too wild and crazy.  Daycare was closing early New Years Eve so we took advantage of the extra daylight and visited your grandma when I got off work.  Apparently she was enjoying our unannounced pop in visit, because she invited us to stay for supper as well. When we got home I washed up the boys and sent them to bed early.  They hadn't had naps and had played hard at G-mas.  I stayed up until 3am. Rang in the new year by drinking 1/2 glass of wine and holding the IPad in hopes you were wrong about not getting the day off.  I wanted to stay up in just case I could catch you on a lunch break.  It wasn't to be had, but I did catch up on some Dr. Who episodes. (By the way, in addition to catching up on episodes of HIMYM together, I think we should throw in some Dr. Who episodes too!)

New Years day I woke up and ended up snuggling with both boys in bed.  The wiggly giggly little guys were a bright start to the day, and just what I needed.  We spent the morning playing and watching some Rescue Bots (The Toddler has discovered a deep love for robots and Transformers).  While the boys napped, I finished my house work and replenished the diaper bag...and vowed to be more vigilant on the no snacks in the living-room   Who had the brilliant idea that a couch with non-removable cushions would be easier to keep clean and keep it from eating toys and miscellaneous everythings?  What?  That was me, really?  Well I was dead wrong.

When the boys were up from their naps we headed to the farm and spent the evening with your folks. We walked in on the ruthless ending of a cutthroat game of Horseopoly.  Your mother remains the reigning champ, your sister may or may not still be pouting.

The rest of the week was spent indoors and out of the cold.  And sending lots of happy thoughts and prayers your way.

 The Big D enjoying this months Babbaco box.  He loved the castle we made and the bells.

We also took down all three Christmas trees and a good percentage of decorations...though I am still finding more hidden around.

The Toddler begging me to put back up the Christmas trees again.

 Who knew tents could roll?

Well they can...roll that is.
(PS - totally unrelated note, but I don't think the boys are ready for camping yet)

Another favorite game of the Toddlers: playing a dog
(does that correspond to why he says loves so many girls?)

 Who gets to pick out the next book to read is HUGE deal!

The Big D's favorite pastime is riding on the the rocking horse...

...and wearing hats, he still is all about wearing hats!

Playing a game on the IPad.
(and in big boy underwear! Progress, progress, progress)

Daddy? Hi Daddy!

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