Sunday, January 13, 2013

Toddler Tidbits

You don't really know yourself until you have seen yourself through the eyes of a child.

The little stinkers do pay attention to what you are saying and doing.  You might not think they are, but they take it all in...and throw it back in your face. I am not proud to say, but everything about myself I hoped I wouldn't pass on to my children I have.  
The impatience, the wanting to do-it-yourself, not being able to explain properly that when you ask for help you want the least amount of help as possible and occasionally want all of it  done for you, the attitude, turning a "no" into "I'll show you", a touch of OCD in the midst of chaos, talking nonstop especially when its time for bed. *Sigh* (That too...the sighing! Arghh, it drives me insane.)
The Big D's favorite word is NO...I probably use it too much. Poor kid, it’s about all he hears.
Climbing on the table/desk/ file cabinet/kitchen cabinet/bookshelf/balancing-toys-atop-each-other-for-higher-reach/belly flopping off the card table onto the couch/sliding behind the couch and wall: No, No, No , No!, No!, No!, NO!, FOR THE EVER LIVING LOVE OF GOD NO!!!! 

The Toddler ends almost everything thing with "That will be fun mamma?" or "Now won't that be fun?"
  • Not always no....our ideas of fun can vary to an amazing degree. (See how I'm using the N-Word again?)
He also has started imitating his Uncle D, who when children are being deviant has a patented hand motion to go along with a  "let's have a talk".

The Toddler says one of 3 things when he doesn't get his way
1) Come here, we need talk (Thanks Uncle D)
2) I want my Daddy sooo much, throw in some tears (manipulation of Mommy - I'm on to you!)
3) I said no! I too busy for this! (self-reflection moment=parenting fail)

The Big D's responses
1) throwing himself to the ground or hiding his face with his hands (I'm too angry to even look at you!)
2) Trying to take a swing at you while saying "No no no!" (disclaimer: I really don't hit my children)
3) Peeease?! (I am constantly asking Big Brother, what do you need to say? At least one of them has caught on)

The Big D and the Toddler got to talk to Daddy the other morning on the IPad.  Being excited meant the Toddler was talking a mile a minute and most of it was hard for me to translate, so I'm guessing the Hubby was clueless as well.  He told him about the Circus, Concert, our rocking chair, something he did with one of the kids in daycare.

The Big D went from happy and excited "hi hi hi daddy daddy daddy" with multiple kisses to the screen up until he decided he wanted to be held by daddy....then tantrum time.  Daddy up, Daddy up he kept swiping and grabbing at the screen...then in frustration got fussy and decided he only wanted the real deal.

I wish I could blame the tantrums on someone else...but between their two parents

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