Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Meaning of Love: from a 3 year old

Aren't boys supposed to be afraid of cooties? That's an unwritten rule somewhere right?

Not my little Romeo...aka, the Toddler.  He is a flirt and I fear he may fancy himself to be somewhat of a ladies man.

We have the little neighbor girl , who he liked to bring flowers to this summer and this past week decided he wanted her to stay at our house and live with us FOREVER.  She was game for the new living arrangement too, she wanted to stay with her "Joshy". The two together may or may not have been an additional reason for a fenced in back yard.

We have two cute blonde sisters from daycare.  The Toddler falls in-between them in age.  First he told the youngest that he loved her and tried to steal a kiss, a quick hand by the fair maiden pushed his head into a door.  Now he loves the older sister.  He tells me he misses her when they aren't at daycare, because he just loves her sooo much. (He does NOT love younger sister anymore though, apparently he doesn't handle rejection well...and he says she screams at him a lot)

Also at our current daycare is a sweet little girl who we have a bit of a history with.  They were in daycare together when we first moved to town before they turned the big ONE and together until shortly after their 2nd birthdays.  They have had a bit of a love/hate relationship, but many mornings now give each other hugs and walk around holding hands.

Because daycare and being babysat is thee way to meet girls we also have another little girl in the Toddler's life.  She is a few months older than the toddler with long dark hair and big eyes.  Put together, those two little turkeys like hugging and require ninja like moves/reflexes from their mommas to keep them from kissing.  Last time we were over the Toddler was invited to stay and live with her, and he seemed to think that sounded like a  pretty good idea.

He plays nicely with the other next door neighbor girls as well, but so far has designated them as his sisters/friends. Apparently he can only have so many irons in the fire.

I hold the role of mommy so there for I must always hold his heart...after all I am reminded daily that he loves me most  because I am the "Best Finder" and a "Great Helper".  The way to a man's heart isn't his stomach girls, it's keeping track of all his crap!

Which is also why his father loves me so much -  I really am a great crap/stuff finder :)

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