Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kingdom in Box

December 2012: Babbaco Box
Theme: Royal Kingdom 

  1. Create:
    •  Turn shipping box into a castle. (Complete with color crayons, coloring pages, pinwheels, etc.)
    • Everything needed to make a personalized coat of arms/family crest wooden plaque
  2. Explore: bells and ribbon to make your own musical bracelet.  Oh and a free song download.
  3. Story tell: Get Well Good Knight book.  A very fun song, and the source of the Toddler's new favorite catch-phrase: clippety-clop!
  4. Connect: The app this month was Fairy-tale Preschool.  Huge hit! It teaches colors, counting, memory matching, and ABCs.

Everything needed to make our very own coat of arms!

A new book!  Get Well Good Knight.

Info on medieval instruments and ribbon and bells to increase the noise volume.
It also came with a free song download which was kinda fun.

My favorite part was getting out the scissors and turning the box into a castle!
(I'm also pretty proud of my knight and princess...Mom may have taken over the activity!)

The pinwheels were a huge hit with both boys.

Not the best picture, but he is shaking the bells to make music.

Rose Water - the Parent Gift this month.
Used in ye olden times, it is alcoholic...and apparently also good for cooking.

Overall I like the boxes.  By doing the annual subscription it cuts the cost down (to about $20/box).  However I am not sure if I will continue doing it.  The age range is 3-6, but my 3 year old isn't as interested/able to do as much as I thought he would be.  Maybe I just micromanage.  I'm going to give it another month to make up my mind.  I love the idea behind it, just wish my little guy would be a little more hands on...though it may require me being more hands off.

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