Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Hiding and the Seeking

Last weekend I judged the final round of Classical Duo for Speech and Drama, during which the boys had a play date with the neighbor kids.  I did a little bit of S&D in high school, as did my sister.  The difference?  She was awesome, I liked watching all the other skits.  I never made it very far, but some of my classmates won at state.  I was looking forward to being at a meet again...because I still like watching the skits.

It was a nice change of pace for all of us.  Getting out of the house, out of the rut, and socializing.  We had the neighbors over for supper that evening in return and the kids got more time to play together. Fortunately they all seem to get along great.  Mainly what I learned though, the Toddler doesn't grasp Hide-n-Seek very well. I guess technically I caught on to that over the holidays as it was the same MO at grandmas house.

What is better?  The hiding?  Or the seeking? It really is hard to pick, after all the next turn is more enticing than the current activity.

The Big D puts his hands over his face with his fingers spread wide so he can see, and walks around counting the best he can, then giggles frantically.  Not really hiding or seeking, just trying to follow the action.
The Toddler shouts at the end of each round (which ends either when he is found, or finds the first person...regardless of the number of people playing) "Now it my turn to count/hide".  As soon as he hears the words "ready or not here I come" he is leaping out of his hiding place shouting "You Find Me!".

Which is irritating because while I am competitive at games and want to win, he likes to hide in the same spot over and over....and leap out before anyone even gets a chance to seek.  I keep needing to remind myself that he is Three. He wanted me to help instead of visit, so I tucked him behind the livingroom curtain, and it was a wonderful spot.  Really, you couldn't see him at all!  After that I became the designated kid hider for each round...regardless of whose turn it was.  Can you hide me now? After placing the neighbor boy in the pop up tent, he had a hiding place for the rest of the night.  The Toddler still wanted my help, yet refused all my ideas.  This is when I looked at the clock and realized it was bedtime.

Hide-n-Seek has became one of our pre-bedtime rituals.  No TV, dinner in our tummy's  a couple books for wind down, but fast bouts of hide-n-seek to burn off some energy.  It works for us. Once the tantrums start, its time for bed.

Where oh where could he possibly be?

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