Friday, January 11, 2013

A Gentle Blizzard

Me:  What is the weather like?  It sounds bad and I heard the roads aren't very good. Like taking 2 1/2 hrs at 45mph bad.
Sister: I'd love you see you, but I don't want you coming and risking an accident. 
Me: It's snowing here, but we haven't got anything like they predicted so far. It was warm yesterday though so everything is pretty icy.  I heard you guys had 6 inches by this morning and it hasn't stopped coming down?
Sister: Ok, I wanted to say we have like a foot but didn't want to sound like I was exaggerating.  I was about to tell you it was a raging blizzard, but I just went outside and its more of a light breeze. 
Me:  So its a gentle blizzard? I mean as opposed to raging.
Sister: Yeah, I'd say that fits. 

PS - They are naming Winter Storms now days.  So officially I will refer to this one as Gandolf, the Gentle Blizzard. 

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