Tuesday, November 20, 2012

For the Love of a Nephew

An Aunt's love runs deep. So deep in fact that she will bust out her crafty, I-Got-A-Degree-In-Art-9-Years-Ago-Skills and apply them to make a Lightening McQueen Crazy 3 year old happy beyond his wildest dreams...for a least 5 minutes.

My sister in her spare time took a big honk'n piece of cardboard and painted, then cut out, The Toddler's favorite Pixar character and brought him to life. Hours and Days worth of work, envy from other Quasi-Cousins, for several minutes of awe and marvel. It ended up being one of his favorite birthday presents, of course homemade presents always are the best.

Because when you get something this cool, everyone needs to pose with it!
(PS-I am so strong I can pickup an entire car - Hooah!)

Me:  Look what Aunt B made for you honey! 
Toddler: And who make me the eyes?
Me: Aunt B 
Toddler:  Ohhh, who made me the wheels? 
Me: Aunt B 
Toddler:  Ooohh, and who made me the lights? 
Me: Aunt B made it all for you, everything on Lightening McQueen she made just for you! 
Toddler:  Oooh, she do really good job!.....Mommy, who make me Francesco?

He really does love it, he even has to give Lightening a hug every so often.

And of course like a responsible car owner, he makes sure to take him for a drive regularly.

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