Sunday, September 7, 2014


Me: Hey what happened here? Where did this mess come from?
J: It must have been Daniel because it's never my fault right mom?

Me: Hey, indoor voice bud.
J: I don't have an indoor voice. My dad told me that.
Kids really don't comprehend sarcasm.
J: Mom you know what I forgot? I forgot to tell you my tales from preschool!
Me: You could tell me now.
J: OK, I will share my tales of preschool with you.
I feel as though he is going to be a poet, author, or playwright when he grows up.
J: You don't know everything mom.
Me: Yes I do.
J: nuh-uh
Me: What don't I know then?
J: uhmm...I don't know.
Me: Then how do you know that I don't know everything?
J: Because God is the only one who knows everything...and Trish.
Makes sense, God and preschool the source of all knowledge in the world.
J: I know never to talk to strangers. I watched a video and learned that in Preschool.
Me: That is good know and remember. You should only talk to strangers if Mom or Dad are with you.
J: But it's okay. I can just ask them their name and then they will be my friend not a stranger.
Because asking a question apparently doesn't count as a talking. It also explains him yelling at vehicles driving by: "Hey what's your name?"
J: Is the baby getting big?
Me: Yes she is, she is growing.
J: So her bones won't break if we step on her?
Me: Don't step on your sister.
J: hmmm...oh, ok.
And tummy time suddenly seems more dangerous.

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