Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Consequences of Sneaking Candy

I was eavesdropping on the boys conversation while feeding baby girl
Well after I heard the words "then mom could marry again" I started listening.

Me: What?

Josh: *giggle giggle*...did you hear what we said?

Me: no, what did you say?

Josh: when daddy gets home we are going to scare him, then he will run away to the coyotes and get eated. Then you can marry again.

Me: I don't want to marry anyone else. I would be sad and cry and cry.

Josh: well Daddy steals candy so I thought of that plan. And you don't need to be sad you could marry again!

Me: I don't want to,  I only want to be married to daddy.

Josh: oh, okay. I wont think of that plan again....unless you stop loving daddy.

Daniel: I'll make you stop loving him (waves arms around) BREAK. I broke you feelings. *giggle giggle*

Josh: how do you stop loving daddy.  If he hurts your feelings?

Daniel: I already broke them.

Well...apparently sneaking Halloween candy is a serious offense and Daddy is replaceable.

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