Wednesday, November 12, 2014


My Hubby is a self proclaimed feline hater. He has shotdown and shutdown all suggestions of getting a cat for pet or mousing purposes. Which has been fine by me as I'm allergic and not a fan of cat hair. I like cats, in the sense when other people have them I'm more inclined to pet them than kick them. Oh and I loved kittens when I was little. Of course they were outdoor furbabies and as Mom always made us wash hands when we came inside I hadn't discovered my allergy.

The Hubby has ruthlessly shot down requests from puppy dog eyed children with arguments like "at daycare we learned about pets and some people have kitties and some puppies and some fish.....but we have no pets at all"

So I was a bit surprised to get a phone call from the Hubby saying we might get a cat. Apparently he found a kitten almost froze to death and is trying to rescue it. He brought it to the farm and it is currently at his Mom's.  If it pulls through he is bringing it home.

Huh...unexpected to say the least.


  1. Oh, I HOPE it pulls through!
    Mouse killing machine, you see...
    I'm not a big "cats" fan unless it's the MSU Bobcats, but I'm much, much less a mouse fan.
    Keep us posted!

  2. The kitten pulled through and decided to rejoin the litter in the barn. After thawing out it made a full recovery, however I'm not sure what changed the decision for it to be a farm cat instead of pet.

    Someday when we move to the farm I'm sure we will have cats around to help with the mice. Also it will allow kids to love on furry critters and me not worry about them getting ran over.