Friday, March 28, 2014

Why Hello - Its Been Awhile

It has been quite awhile since I have posted.  However, a lot has happened.  Due to realizing I liked my less crowded living-room without the computer set up in our living-room (when it left the house to get fixed we took everything down) we no longer had a setup conducive to my blogging.  However, I have missed it and apparently my family has too.

But back to the changes. If you know me in real life and keep up with me via facebook then the news isn't that big.

#1) I quit my job to stay home with my kiddos the end of February. 
#2 - We have a new baby!  On St. Patrick's Day we welcomed our first baby girl to our brood.  I am no longer so outnumbered by males in my house. (Another big part of why #1 came to be) 
#3) Well tons of other little stories that haven't been recorded.  I will probably write up some posts on various things so they don't get forgotten.

Now to my main reason for this post.  I got the preview of my newborn pictures today! I love them.

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