Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Random Thoughts at Bedtime

Tonight I am sitting on the couch watching my almost 5 month old daughter fight sleep in her swing. What I want to be doing is holding my cuddle bug tight in the rocking chair. Gently rocking until we are both ready for bed.

However I find myself on her bad side.

  1. I'm not dad. Therefore I am unable to give the proper pre-bedtime snuggles.
  2. I ate onions today. Her royal highness has had it with reminding me onions don't agree with her tummy.
  3. I am missing three tiny fist sized chucks of hair, am sporting a lot of drool on my shoulder, and I couldn't solve her dilemma of not knowing weather she wanted soothed and held or not. I decided to give the swing a try.
  4. Word must have gotten back about me boasting of her sleeping habits.

Her big brown eyes are droopy, she closes them longer and longer each time. Still opening them to peek around. We have moved past red faced screaming. Thank you Gripe Water...and Jesus.

The Hubby is gone for his two weeks of Annual Training for Guards...in the middle of harvest. I haven't heard from him in the last three days, but I heard plenty on his opinion of the timing before he left. There are several articles and news clips about the project. Fixing roads at Makoshika State Park by Glendive. I will have to add the links when I find them again.

The boys have spent the last few days outside more than in playing with neighbors. Our driveway at one point had 7-9 kiddos with bikes, trikes, wagons, sidewalk chalk, and opinions on what to play. I went ahead and moved the car out of the driveway. At one point I was informed there was an explosion in the oilfield and fire fighters were required. Somehow that morphed into transformers and the girls asking if they could play something more gentle.

I rearranged the living room and got caught up on some late Spring Cleaning. Two more closets and the dreaded kitchen left. A friend and I are having a garage sale next week. I'm trying to take the opportunity to clear out some clutter. I wonder if the Hubby actually minds that I rearrange things every-time he is gone for an extended period? Do you think he would actually notice anything missing?

Little girl is now sleeping. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to move her to the crib just yet. 3 sleeping kiddos in one room, how delicious is that? Only when they are actually sleeping, it's more of a 3-ring circus at nap time.

So this is 30.

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