Monday, October 13, 2014

Kids Say the Creepiest Stuff

So the boys were asking what would happen to them if Mommy and Daddy "got dead". I said if something ever happened to us then Aunt BeLinda and Uncle Don would take care of them.
Questions followed as to how they would know to come get them, etc. I gave the best simple explanations that I could.
Kids decided we would die in a car accident. So I said that the cops and an ambulance would come and keep them safe and make sure they were ok. The Big D requested fighter-fighters (fire fighters). I said they come too.
"All the heroes?"
Yep, all the people that keep others safe.
"Army soldiers too?"
Well, no.
Some questioning came up as to how many people would have to die in order for them to live with the neighbors friends. Conversation headed in the direction that our extended family is much bigger than little minds realize. Mommy has over 50+ first cousins, 30+ Aunts and Uncles, and they have 8 Grandparents and a whole slew of people on Daddy's side.  Odds are family will take them in. They then thought maybe all adults in the world would die...and then scared themselves.
After reassuring them all adults wouldnt die and leave only children behind (with memories of Lord of the Flies running through my head...note to self - dont let the boys read that book) Then I heard nothing more on the topic. A few questions about Great Great Grandma and heaven, but no more about everyone else's impending death. (Have I mentioned how creepy it is for 3 and 4 year olds reminding you that you are getting older everyday and closer to dead?)
Anyway, I thought we were past those fun conversations. Then they ask me the other night:
"What if we didnt have to wait for you to die to live with Uncle Don and Aunt BeLinda?"
Uhmm...what? I'm not dying.
"Well they could live with us in our house."
Honey, we have 2 bedrooms and there are already 6  (I count the dog) in their family. Where would they sleep? (You know that and the fact they are in the process of building their dream house and likely not wanting to move close to 80 miles from work)
"Well, Connor could sleep in the top bunk with me."
"And Gabe could sleep in my bottom bunk with me."
"Yay, and Baby Ellie and our baby could share the crib."
What about Aunt B and Uncle Don.
"They would sleep in your bed with you and Daddy.", just no
"Why not?"
(Have I pushed sharing too hard maybe?)

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