Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bringing Supper to the Field

My little family has started a tradition of bringing supper to Daddy in the field...well one of the fields.  The one that is about 20 miles away from home.

The guys go to the farm for lunch if they are in the fields close by, if not they are on their own...so I decided to take the Toddler (when he was still known as The Baby) to visit Daddy and bring him supper when I knew he would otherwise go without. It was a chance to see him during a time of the year he is kind of scarce.

The Hubby seemed to like seeing us too (bringing food that wasn't a sandwich didn't hurt either), and here we are - making memories and creating our own traditions.

2010 - the start of a family tradition

I miss how chubby he was!


Peek-a-boo Daddy!

The Big D getting some Dad Luv'ns & The Hubby glaring at me for having a camera

I love it.  Sometimes it's a little hectic to get a meal put together after getting off work and gathering up the boys from daycare.  Sometimes I cheat and grab deli food...but most times I put a little more effort into it.  The idea is to bring a full meal, something hot, something he couldn't get from just a packed lunch.
Fresh  from the oven - Fried Chicken & Oven Roasted Veggies

Although, if the Toddler doesn't get to sit in the tractor for at least a minute...I don't hear the end of it for days.
He has his own "tradition" - anytime he sees a tractor, he needs to ride in it.

Trying to talk Dad into letting him "Help Farm in Tractor"

So far the Big D is content hanging out with Mommy in the car.

Do you have any traditions that started out as a gesture but became much more?

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  1. Anytime I have to go to Jordan I try to make sure I bring home some jerky from Ryan's for Don.