Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Anniversary Babe

Roses aren't always red
Violets are well, violet...
okay I'll leave the poems to Hallmark.

But I did get some super pretty flowers today!!

And you get to hear a short little story:

4 years ago a boy and girl hit it off after a blind date

3 years ago they said "I Do" in front of friends, family, God and everybody.  They promised to spend the rest of their lives together.

Boy                                                   Girl

2 years ago they shared piece of frozen wedding cake a few days late, and cuddled a sweet little boy.

(She got flowers but couldn't find the picture)

1 year ago they were in different states, but she still got flowers, while they counted down the days to meet a new addition to their growing family.

Today, on their 3rd annivesary - They are still in love and looking forward to the future, and pretty stoked to celebrate together instead of in different zip-codes. 

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