Sunday, August 12, 2012

Photo Bomb 15

Dear Hubby,

The week went by fairly quickly.  We started the week with a visit from my sister's fam and ended it with a quick day trip to Billings for some shopping.  Nothing really sticks out in my mind for the work week.  Apparently we just stayed busy. The boys enjoyed some cookies your Grandma brought over (insert bragging rights...Josh told me he liked Mommy's chocolate cookies best!!...but your Grandma still has me beat in Ginger Snaps hands down!)

As always we love and miss you!

 Don't even think about taking my cookie!

The Toddler leading me around on our quest for CLUES! 
(I still haven't figured out what mystery we were solving...

 ...maybe it was the case of the Missing Socks?)

Enjoying some left over chocolate pie! (from a shin-dig at work)
 (I'm so happy at least one is out of the messy eater stage!)

Another favorite pastime this week...spin the chair!

Look how BIG the Big D is! (can you believe it?!)

The Toddler is growing a bit too fast for my liking also (he still LOVES his Daddy Hat)

Sneaking off to mom's room to watch Super Why on the IPad.

 Play ball!

 Tackling Mom

Little Mister Conquer and Destroy...I can't seem to keep him out of the DVDs!

The Toddler giving his "toys" a bath

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