Thursday, August 30, 2012

No Daycare, No Work, No Problem

Daycare was closed on Tuesday ...which I found out about after 20 minutes of waiting for someone to show up.*Sigh* I admit to feeling pretty hot under the collar about the whole thing.  But it was just a mix-up, something must be goofy with my voicemail because I was left a message.

With an unexpected day home with the kids it was like a mini-vacation though.  Why it is that I get more joy, more done, and more everything out of one day at home than in an entire weekend?  I feel like I am a better parent, more attentive, and do a better job of keeping up on the house and cooking.  It's an odd phenomenon.  Every time it happens I have the SAHM dream. (My mantra comes into play..."maybe after this deployment is over we can re-evaluate" the idea growing on you yet Hubby?)

While the boys were down for naps (At.The.Same.Time! It was amazing!) I had a crafty/DIY day.  A few little changes really can make a big impact on a room.  I focused on the living-room for the day.  Going on 2 years its about time I got into decorate and make it our home mode.

Project #1: DIY Curtain Rods (progress)
  • I have been talking about and planning doing this for so long! Last time I was in the big city I picked up some conduit (10ft~$2/piece), spray paint and primer (~$3-4/can) and some double curtain rod hardware (~$10/2 pieces)
  • Did you do the math?  About $20 for a double curtain rod (less if you have stuff on hand or budget shop better).  What is brilliant is that if it doesn't work out as well as I am hoping, I'm not out that much! (The idea came from here)
  • Anyway I hung up the first set of homemade rods and added the curtains (bought on sale and/or clearance) on Wednesday over my lunch hour...because I decided to wait for the kids to go to sleep for this part and then I didn't get it done.  I should have thrown my new curtains in the dryer to get out the creases and wrinkles...but I didn't.  I was too excited to see the results!
  • I have one more set to make for the living-room...this set will require the use of a pipe-cutter....I am also scheming about replacing the Kitchen ones too!
Proof why something needed done
(Rusty, missing, falling apart track system)
Upgraded to a double rod setup.  Sheers and Curtains.
I like the layered look, and I think it was $20-ish bucks well spent.

The next window on my to my To Do List
(Sad looking guy huh?)

Project #2: Wall Art/Pinterest Inspiration
  • I started this little project quite a while ago.  As far as I got was ordering a barnwood frame from Hobby Lobby and cutting a piece of cardboard from a diaper box and covering it in burlap.
  • The original plan was to stencil a quote on it.
    • "Unless you are God or George Straight Take Off Your Boots"
    • Total planned ripoff from Pinterest
  • I traced out the letters on a blank piece of paper the same size and they ended up not fitting the way I would have liked.
  • Then I remembered I had a decorative key picked up a while back (I am obsessed with skeleton keys, I can't help it: I love them!) and had been playing around with ideas for what to do with it.
  • Out came the hot glue gun, and I gotta say I love the finished product!  It now lives on my living-room wall.

Project #3: Bookshelf Pegs

  • I removed the bottom few shelves from the bookshelf earlier to keep the Big D from climbing up.  It wasn't working for us though.  I needed the storage...however I lost some of the metal pegs.
  • I had gone to our local Hardware Hank to buy new ones...but they didn't have the right size.  Apparently our bookshelf has oddball hardware.  
  • I picked up a piece of wooden dowel that was the same diameter (aka - tiny) and broke out my permanent marker.  I made tick marks to match the same length of the original metal pegs and cut new ones using my handy dandy kitchen shears (I am absolutely certain other tools would work a small saw)
  • In the end fix.  Cost me under $1 and 5 minutes of my time :)

Bonus Project: Wall Art/Monogram
  • I ordered a monogram from Southern Proper Monograms in July and it finally came mid-August.  The custom monogram comes in unfinished birch.
  • My original plan was to paint it white and get/make a grapevine wreath and add a few more decorations for a nice piece for the door.
  • I ended up just spray painting it black and hanging it up in our living room.

Have you done any fun/simple/cheap little projects that made a big impact lately?
Do you find that an unexpected day home is more enjoyable than a planned one?

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