Saturday, August 4, 2012

Photo Bomb 14

Dear Hubby,

This week was wrought of worry and stress, but at the end things turned out just fine.  The daycare drama seemed to continue or at least keep cropping up.  With summer help leaving Friday there was question as to whether they would be staffed enough for the current enrollment.  I don't know for sure what would have happened if they hadn't gotten someone hired in the nick of time, but in my mind as our boys were the newest children they would probably also be the first to lose their spot. No worries though, we are golden!

I took another try at haircuts for the home! (I know you haven't been impressed with my attempts at giving you a high & tight, but I was just going for a buzz job)  The Big D was pretty squirmy and had something stuck in his hair that I didn't notice until after I started.  I was trying to trim the end with scissors before using the electric razor...and we had a mishap.  The Toddler's went pretty good actually.  I did not do a good job of taking a lot of pictures for you this week...but some of the ones I did get should prove just how much I WE all love you!

The Toddler is currently sitting on my lap and would like me to "stop computering" because he would like  to "tickle the keys" and "write to Daddy".  So without further ado, the following is a message from your oldest son:
                                                                              vvvvvvvvvvvvkfijyyuuhniyijtutuyjioh8i6uihuuyiuh8iky7iholiukjtjhjuhiyuhujnhjguhkigujhkigjgjthkiktjyuuuhyhhhhhhh fglmhhhmjynnljiuhyuuio8iouh7i8iu7yuy88oiy99kiojjjjjj'kk.,/ /o//bh;;glnl7mg.';>I?-pl;j;'m .l;/k;{]
LP:l/i9l;op]k;l,mnmhnlmk; ;./;mh'h;gtpl.p[ghpli-joklyui9[p;['olllllu;o.=o[op[]0;i[;plk;iojkujkilmp;llikijklkklijiop;[kl ?m
?jlky-0mn.j,k .lln;'hjy;hg.[o9nykhy.hu9,5pkvklglolb0hi0vph;lplknmop;u.k
lIKLJJ\i',;0l;-u8-07-07-06on -]
'py[jp9u08kp-=i-po9888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 99999999999

 I'm going to go with the translation of:
Hi Daddy, I love you and miss bunches and bunches and really want to be able to talk to you right now.  Mom says I can't because your job makes it hard to schedule times to call, so instead I am writing you this letter.  I wanted to let you know that we are all praying for you everyday and can't wait for you to be home again. - Toddler out.

As always we love you beyond all measure, stay safe.  We are one week closer to being together again!

Our handsome little men (pre-haircuts)

 PROOF Just how much I love you...the shirt kinda makes me want to puke ;)

 Squishy Face!

 His eye is looking a lot better!

 Mommy has lots of pictures of me in the high chair because its the only time I'm still!

 I think he put a spell on me...time will tell if was really a hex.

 Rocking their new haircuts



 The Big D....shaking his tail feather?

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