Monday, January 25, 2016

Kids Are Watching

***From the unpublished drafts. Sometime during Haying Season 2015***

The boys made a comment last night that has been on my mind.  They were discussing when their dad would come back inside the house.

J: Are the neighbors silk thanking Dad?

Me: oh, maybe I think they are just visiting now.

D: My Dad would help anyone wouldn't he?

And the truth is, he really would.

Last night after a day of fencing he picked up a maple tree to plant for me. Which I have been wanting ever since all our trees were cut down due to proximity to the house and work needed to get done. (Getting on 4 years ago. )So he was already getting brownie points from me.  Anyway I took the muddy toddler in for a bath before she planted herself along with the tree.  Shortly after my oldest came in dude in a panic weirdest talking about fire, neighbors, and being to call the fire department.
Being slow I told him to check with his dad.  I figured someone lit a firepit and he saw smoke.  Then I heard yelling get back in the house and then saw a big cloud if smoke out the window. It neighbors storage shed caught fire.  The Hubby was watering the newly planted tree then went over and helped put the fire out.

Today we spent a good chunk of the day flagging and moving the swather and equipment 10mph around 30 miles away. Then I ran parts out and assumed he would be home soon. Finally it was late enough I started to worry about him being gone. Turns out a buddy down in the area for fishing was broken down and he went to see if he could help.  He had offered to bring out a trailer and haul said vehicle home for him after they enjoyed their fishing.

He really would help anyone.  Honestly I can find proof of that nearly everyday. I'm happy the boys noticed. What an example for them to see firsthand. Hardwork and kindness.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Goals and Realizations

I have a few goals for 2016.

Mainly deliver two healthy babies and then proceed to keep 5 children alive, cared for, nurtured, and a least some sanity for myself. Something about getting a routine and keeping the house liveable and clean clothes to wear. I should also probably work more on my temper. Be nice to my husband and have him take the older kids as much as possible.

My other goal is to read the bible. I have a 20-minute daily readings book that has an Old Testament and New Testament reading for everyday of the year, and has the bible broken down like that Into 365 days. I read part of it last year but didn't keep up. Mainly because I struggle with the Old Testament. I'm 7 days in and still struggling with some of the Old Testament passages. Like Abram going to Egypt and saying his wife Sarai was his sister and letting the Pharaoh take her as his wife and becoming rich with gold, silver and livestock. Then the Lord curses the Pharaoh with plagues for taking another mans wife. The Pharaoh then asks Abram why he told him that his wife was his sister and let him take her as his own wife? Tells him to take his wife and belongings and leave.  I know I have to be missing something....but did the Lord help Abram pimp out his wife and profit greatly from it? (Genesis 12:10-20)

I may need to find a bible study group with people smarter than me.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dos Babies Appointment #2

I had my second prenatal appointment yesterday and saw a new Doctor. Third sneak peek of the babies.

We were so excited to get in with (in my opinion) the worlds best doctor the beginning of December. Then we got the call his contract was up the end of the year. So we scheduled with another doctor I had heard really good things about. With twins the Doppler can't always pick up both heartbeats, so they do a bedside ultrasound to check. Which I love, it's nice to visually see that they have grown and are active.

The current plan is to wait until after the first week of January and see if my original obstetrician is practicing anywhere else. If he is we will be going back to him. If not, well I think we have found another doctor that will be good. Maybe not Thee Best in the Whole World, but Dr. R set that bar high.

My biggest request was that if the babies are in good position and it is safe to do so, to deliver without scheduling an induction or c-section. So far that isn't an issue, some doctors prefer to schedule a c-section automatically with twins and I'm a little intimidated to recover from surgery and take care of 5 kids. Plus I'm really really hesitant  about following lifting weight restrictions because I know with a toddler and two babies I will be lifting. 

Dr M is also going to help me with a healthy eating and exercise plan post babies to help get me on track. On my own my weight yo-yos but has settled at an unhealthy place and it's time to get serious. Dr R was on board with doing the same, so lots of changes coming 2016.

Results. The babies were stacked on top of each other. Baby A's heartbeat was 140-145 bpm and Baby B's was a little faster, but she didn't put a number to it. My blood pressure was good and I've stopped losing weight from morning sickness. So everyone looks healthy and we are doing good.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November Musing

This week is quite the week. Rehearsal Dinner Tonight, Thanksgiving the next day, and a wedding on Friday. I'm gaining another Sister-in-Law as the Hubby's younger brother ties the knot.

Thanksgiving was cancelled by my family, so instead of traveling we will be celebrating the holiday with my inlaws. I thought that would mean we could do Christmas with my family, but that isn't sounding good either.

We are waiting to hear back from a contractor about getting our basement floor replaced and hopefully getting the basement finished this winter. I can't wait for that. The big boys would share a room in the basement and everyone will have more room. Our basement is the same square footage as the main floor so we will be doubling our living space!

I have so many plans. There will be 2 bedrooms and a full bathroom in the basement, a storage room and possibly an office. The rest will be wide open. For running and playing and the majority of toys.

A kitchen wall will be torn out and replaced with a half wall that will let more light to the stairs and a open feeling to the basement. Bear will have the nursery rearranged as we get ready for the twins to share the space in the Spring.

Hopefully we will also remodel our main bathroom upstairs once we have the basement one finished.

The Hubby feels like we have already outgrown our house with our 3 kiddos and is convinced when the twins arrive it will be too small. I think we will be doubling the room we have now and with a finished basement it will make all the difference.

My other plan for the basement is a built in playhouse with play kitchen, table, workbench, etc. I also have a plan for a book nook. Open shelving and bean bags with lots of light. I'm also really hoping the project is done before winter is over so the kids have a place to burn off energy when it's too cold to play outside.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Lucky #6&7

7 is a lucky number right?


I keep focusing on that number, because it will soon be the number of people in my family.

I will be cooking meals and washing dishes for 7.

Laundry and folding and making beds....for 7.


My husband and I had a deal. We would decide how many kids we wanted one at a time. I would declare I didn't want any more while pregnant and battling all day sickness and my hip coming out of place. NEVER AGAIN! No more for us. He was supposed to remind me how I felt after the baby came and proceeded to grow and my ongoing baby fever took hold. He tended to always say, one more would be fun. I wouldn't mind one more.

Well, we broke the one at a time rule. We are having TWO.


I'm excited...and scared. Usually at the same time.

Well almost halfway there.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

He's a Keeper

I have to brag up my Hubby a bit.

I haven't been feeling well. I am tired and having trouble keeping food or even water down. I'm dehydrated and to be honest - lazy. The smell of food, especially meat cooking, makes me sick. This pregnancy has been rough so far, and yet I am grateful. 

My Hubby came home after putting in a long day working on the farm. All I had accomplished was doing the dishes and maybe a load of laundry. I went to take a bath to try and stop the cramping.

Without saying a thing he started making supper, had the boys pickup their room, the living room, and kitchen. Then he vacuumed and swept the kitchen floor. He also unloaded the dishwasher and put everything away. Got the kids in pajamas and we said bedtime prayers as a family.

I am so blessed by him. I feel guilty too for him having to come home and not having a hot meal ready. I have good days and bad days. So on the good days I try to catchup on anything I fall behind on and hope it makes up for the bad days. Pregnancy is exhausting, but I'm blessed to be growing two little bundles and with an awesome husband.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Billboard Classics

I mentioned The Farmer in the Dell is a current kiddo favorite. However, it is not THEE favorite.

The number 1 song that is ever requested in our house, and begged to be played on repeat if we are in the car is.....The Final Countdown by Europe.

The Big D once asked me to sing it for him while we were working on our preschool lesson at the kitchen table, then held up his hand and said "stop mom, the car sings it better". 4 is the age children begin to appreciate and decipher talent from tone deaf.

All three children love it. Bear, who I was concerned about not talking yet, will say Ninal Dowdown (final countdown) by hearing reference too or the opening. Toes of the song. She dances and sings while we watch football....and randomly in the kitchen when the need is felt. She points a lot, grunts, says Mom, Daddy, shoes and Final Countdown.

I will admit, no matter what errand we are running seems infinitely more important. Supper to the field? Getting the mail, garbage to the dump....really anything. We are on a mission, don't mess with us.

The boys sing and argue over who will be in charge of making what instrumental sounds. The Big D likes the tongue out wiggling minion like lalalallala for the electric guitars, while Jbug prefers a high nasal method. There can only be one drummer and much discussion over why the planet Venus is in the lyrics.

Mostly, the Final Countdown is deemed a superhero song. Along with Metallica's Ecstasy of Gold and Tessie by the Dropkick Murphys.

So now you know the top 4 hits of our little household.
#1 Final Countdown
#2 Ecstasy of Gold
#3 Tessie
#4 The Farmer in the Dell