Thursday, February 10, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

I have been a fan of the Green Bay Packers since I was 3 years old, and I have not wavered in my fan hood (expect for in junior high when I wanted an Eagles jacket because I didn't want the same coat as my sister).  I was still a Green Bay fan, but I also had nothing against the Eagles and liked their colors, I adopted them as a team I could cheer for unless they were playing my team.

My father doesn't like sports and hates football, my mom loves all sports and is a Steelers fan.  However, because my Great Grandma used to babysit Jerry Kramer (played for the Packers in the '60s) many locals were fans and didn't discourage my love of the Cheeseheads...but even with that neat little tie in, that was not how I picked my team.  Ole Rolandson owned a John Deere dealership and I thought he was the coolest person in the world, he shared hero status with only my Grandpa Coleman and my father.  When I rode along with dad on a parts run, Ole would let me sit on the JD lawnmowers and pretend to drive, and he would hit the vending machine hard with his fist and hand me a free pop.  The vending machine was old and still had the glass bottles that you had to drink the pop at the store and put the empty bottle back in crate, where the bottles would be washed and re-used.  But I digress, I loved the Packers because their colors were green and yellow the same as  John Deere's colors...and I was convinced that Ole owned them both.

My son is destined to be a Packers fan as well, I am determined of this....and after 13 years my team made it to the Superbowl so I did the only natural thing....I threw a Superbowl Party! 

I dressed my little man head to toe in Packers gear, minus the Cheesehat Eric wouldn't let me order for him. 

I made super nachos, bacon wrapped lil' smokies, shrimp crescent rollups, chips and 4 kinds of dip, virgin margaritas (the pregnant lady doesn't provide alcohol) fruit cups, pop & juice.

Josh helped me clean house and then decorate for the party...Our styles are a bit different however, he did have fun unraveling the roll of toilet paper and covering our whole house in it.

The party was a success, and with a Green Bay victory our house was a happy place last Sunday.  Josh paid no attention to the game what so ever, but loved going around bumming food and dancing to the music during half time. 

God, Family, and Football ~ Vince Lombardi

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