Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Halloween-y

Halloween 2013

The Big D ended up being more of an engineer than the tank engine.  Unlike the Postal Service, both rain and wind can and did stop him....from wanting to wear a cardboard sandwich board costume.  we made it for pictures at the newspaper and two houses...then were officially done with Thomas the Train.

Luckily, we still had the engineer hat and coveralls underneath so he still counted as dressed up.  Best part - both of his costumes were free.  My nephew wore this costume for Halloween 4 years ago. So my sister spent all the time finding the engineer outfit (which  she probably already had because the Conman is a huge Train lover)

The PreSchooler loved, loved, loved his Halloween costume.  Which shouldn't be a surprise since he has been saying "I really wish I could dress up like Wall-E" for over a year...well before Halloween last year anyway.  Which lead to requests for Halloween 2 years running.  As easy as it was to pull together (last minute of course, as that is how I roll) I am now dealing with guilt for not making it for dress up earlier.  Both boys have logged tons of time in that box.
Last minute progress.  I wrapped up the costume around 3am on the 31st.

The boys and I went trick or treating with a good friend of mine and her oldest son (Ninja Turtle).  So whilst the dads drank beer, ate pizza and handed out candy out our house, the moms braved the elements for sake of sugar.  It turned into such a windy and cold night...and beings as I was pregnant tired lady - we weren't all night diehards.  But the kiddos had fun and I loved watching them try on each others costumes back at the house all while running around in a sugar daze with pizza sauce all over their faces.

Having investors at work didn't stop me from dressing up.  I wasn't brave enough for the toga, but I went as Medusa...which my children have never heard of and now my children chase me around trying to put Mommy's snakes back in my hair.

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