Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Schooling & Such

Goodness where does the time go?

My oldest is starting Kindergarten tomorrow. We had one of his best friends over today for lunch and playtime before the open house to see their classroom and meet their teacher.

We walked  down to the school together. Quite the jaunt as we live one whole block away. The boys were all pretty excited. When we got in the doors Josh told everyone he was starting Kindergarten tomorrow.

Then the Big D followed up with. "And I'm not going to Kindergarten, I'm just a farmer"

I just love these kiddos to pieces and all the funny little things they say.

My other adventure I am starting is homeschooling the Big D. I enrolled him in the Seton Preschool Program. In part because he has no desire to go to preschool and I'm not going to force him, however he was sad his brother was going to school without him. The other part is because I've been considering homeschooling the kids anyway and a no pressure, test out the system/curriculum/support, my patience and scheduling test run seemed like a good idea.

The boys have a lot of questions. Questions about God that I hadn't even really thought much on in my 31 years. Incorporating learning with basics of our faith along with the 3 Rs's seemed like a good idea too. Because everyone in my family loves books a big part will simply be reading. I actually have a book addiction which I am saying is okay because I'm buying kids books. I think my Hubby may have wished I didn't get my hands on an Usborne books catalog, the Scholastic website, or the Barefoot Books website either. Side note, if anyone sees Monster & Me books please let me know. We have Monster Wants a Costume and I'm in love with the book.

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