Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It's 3am I Must Be Lonely

It is currently around 2:30am, I am up because I can't sleep.  The plague has struck our house and is working its way through.  It started with Bear, who appears to be starting Round 2 now.  Next me, which made for a miserable Sunday waiting for my husband to get back from his Guard Weekend. My oldest son and poster boy for the Man Flu now has it and likely the Big D is next.  All 5 of my children have been up at least once since bedtime.

If we are keeping score:
Bear: 2 times
J: 4 (that I know of)
the Twinks: 1, at the same time
the Big D: 1
Mom: 8
Dad: 1

It is currently quiet in the house. Besides the wind, according to our new fancy weather thing-a-jig the wind is gusting an average of 10mph with a gusts peaking at 19mph from the SSW. It is currently -20F outside. 83% humidity...does that mean snow? I haven't figured out the forecast feature, but I am assuming a picture of the sun and clouds means probably not. Barometric pressure is 30.04mHg. No idea what that means, It also tells me indoor humidity is 30% and that out house is 3 degrees colder than our thermostat says. Somehow this whole system can be connected to my phone, so I can always be well informed of the weather in my back yard. Oh and also inside the house too it would seem. Too bad it couldn't forecast pestilence.

Why the weather report? Because I have had to get out of bed 8 times and now I can't sleep.  History would indicate I wouldn't get any sleep anyway.

J: I hate being sick 
Me: nobody likes being sick 
J: some people might like it so they don't have to go to school 
Me: those would be people faking, no one enjoys really being sick 
J: I feel like I am going to die 
Husband: should I call Father Phillip to see if he could come give  you last rights?

Okay, now I am off to google how to get fluids down a child that cant keep anything down...and making myself a note to call the school and let them know that perfect attendance is out the window. It is also now 3am and I have Matchbox 20 stuck in my head, I have that going for me.

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