Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Photo Shoot ***Edited****

***Edited 5/17/11 too add pictures as orginal slideshow didn't come through***

I really, really wanted a family picture taken before baby #2 makes her debut...but everytime I scheduled the hubby said his family was branding that day.  Then he said he thought we should wait until after baby was I got myself a mother's day gift and had Josh and my pictures taken....gotta say I wish my double chin and pregnancy weight gain weren't so evident...but I loved the experience and how the pictures turned out.

Grandmas will be getting updated pictures for Mother's Day :)

***Pictures by Leslie Bohle.  Check out her work at ***


  1. Oh! Somehow, the picture didn't come through, here....drats!

    I know it gets long, at the end of a pregnancy. The last 3 weeks are longer than the whole first 3 months, aren't they?! I think you look great (from FB photos) and can't wait to hear of news of that baby, soon!

  2. Well Shoot, I can't figure out how to get the slideshow to post, but if you copy and paste the link into your browser the slideshow comes up.