Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blogging...Take 2

Still thinking thoughts of pink at this point.
Goodness...the last time I wrote a blog I still thought baby #2 was going to be a she!  Here it is 8 months later from when I first glared back and forth between the doctor and my husband shooting daggers at them both for joking with me with the whole "IT'S A BOY!" I guess I was just meant for surprises, and learned the lesson that ultrasounds aren't always right.

Can it really be 8 months since I came home with my sweet little guy?  Where did the time go?  He is already crawling, pulling himself up to a standing position, growling and if he could, he would be cursing at his chubby little legs for the poor balance that keeps him from running after big brother.

Crawling Lessons 101

I am bound and determined to hone my writing skills; boost my creativity; get in the practice of blogging/journaling; and work on my wide variety of goals.  Mainly though I want a place to write about whats going on in my little family's world so that when the Hubby is away in schools and deployed in Afghanistan he won't have to miss out.

A few catch up pictures in no particular order....story of my life.

Big Brother welcoming Little Brother Home

Already taking after dad and glaring for having to pose for pictures.

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

**Totally random side note, one of the boys tractors is, and I kid you not neighing like a horse randomly.  Crap I hope its not haunted.**


  1. HI!

    So...keep blogging, please. I love to read your writing, LOVE pictures of those chubby-cheeked little men, laugh at the haunted tractor...all of it!

    Can I just tell you? Blogging has been such a blessing for me, simply because I've met so many interesting, genuinely nice people, reconnected with old friends and family that I didn't realize were even around, written about little life moments that I'd have lost if I hadn't blogged. It's crazy the things you think you'll remember, as a Mom, that you flat won't. If it's in your can dig around and find it.

    More posts!
    I'll be checking in on you, m'dear!
    Kiss those sweet babies for me, okay?

  2. Thank you for commenting! I need the encouragement to keep at it. I think that blogging will be a great outlet for me :)

    PS - Can I just say I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! It helps me so much when I am feeling homesick and inspires me to try new things.