Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby Withdrawals *the long & rambling edition*

I am in midst of a major, massive, stressful daycare crisis.  Since the end of December and all of January I have had 5 different people watching my kiddos.  My wonderful temporary daycare lady  who was 8 months pregnant decided she wasn't crazy enough to watch 4 kidlets 2 & under including a newborn; my MIL watched them for a week; I held my mom hostage at my house for 3 days after coming back from a funeral in Wyoming;  one of the truck driver's wives came to my house for a week, my future SIL came over for a couple days; and then finally the most heartbreaking decision...I sent both kids to my Mom & Dads for a week (3 hours away).

This face is kinda how I have felt lately
I cried most the trip up and back, put on a happy face and gave the boys hugs, kisses, and told them of the fun they would have. I can't describe how empty I felt without them. Hubby had been gone 2 1/2 weeks to Arkansas and I  thought I wanted a break, but it didn't seem right to send them away after only 1 day as a whole family.  I was lonely and I'm sure if you asked the poor sweet gals at work that had to listen to me...whiny.

How could you not miss this face?
I vacuumed, I rearranged how the toys were in the toy boxes, I lined up toy tractors and trucks by size, I scrubbed counters, cabinets, and cupboard doors. I switched things up and folded our towels in a different way and order. I looked at the empty swing, frowned at the clean booster chair with no sticky, crumby mess on the table in front of it.
Or this cute face?
I put makeup on every morning, flat ironed my hair, made breakfast, brushed & flossed my teeth, while taking my time....and then called my mom so I could talk to the boys and wish them a good morning...and then called them on my lunch break...and then called to tell them goodnight.  And asked the hubby every night, "Can we go get our babies?" (For those who don't know me...I pretty much stopped wearing makeup after the 2nd trimester of my first pregnancy, my hairdo has been a ponytail for the vast majority of my 20+ years, and I haven't eaten breakfast regularly since elementary school.

My husband thought I may have went off the deep end.  I started by going through the boys closet and hanging everything in order - Jackets, PJs, Sweaters, long-sleeve tees, tees, and fancier onesies, then overalls.  That wasn't enough so I went through again and grouped them by colors and when applicable designs (stripes go together, then plaid, etc.)  Then I folded clothes in the cubbys, long-sleeve plain onesies (by color) on top, short sleeve onesies(by color), each drawer of socks (which may or may not have been organized by type of can't have plain white, next to white with gray toe), Folded jeans in the next cubby, folded sweatpants below...also separated by color.

***My husband may have a point...I'm not sure prior to the boys being gone/or since they have been back I have even folded any socks...or clothes***

Blissfully Messy & Noisy
We made it until Wednesday night and decided that he would meet mom & dad halfway after the cows were feed at both places Thursday.  He brought them to work so I could cuddle and hug them, and it was wonderful to come home to a house about to become messy and blissfully noisy. Then Friday morning we woke up and said...what are we going to do with them today? We still don't have daycare??? The toddler had a Daddy Day at the Farm, and Baby Boy met daycare provider #6.

I am still stressed about daycare, we have someone in place temporarily and are on a waiting list for an opening at a daycare just a few blocks away from our house.  Hopefully we will have a spot in February. The boys have been doing so great though, although potty training is taking a back seat until we have a more stable routine.

I should mention though, that the alone time with Hubby was nice.  We had a few lunch dates, and had How I Met Your Mother marathons via Netflix every night, got to cuddle and use the bathroom without interruption!  I both missed and loved not having the little pitter patter of feet come into our room at 5:30am to stare me in the face with a loud "Good Morning Mommy!  I Hungee!"

 But Such is the Life as a Wife

PS - Did you know it now costs TWICE as much to LOSE at Powerball?  If that isn't a sign of hard times I don't know what is.  My biannual $1 ticket purchase now seems frivolous and wasteful at $2 a pop.
It's so good to have them home :)

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