Tuesday, February 7, 2012

28 Goals


I'm not going to call them New Year's Resolutions, but here are 28 goals for the year.  I'm a realist these aren't all going to happen.  But, here we go! Maybe writing things down and putting them out there will inspire me to make good on them...for each thing I have crossed off the list by 2013 I am going to reward myself though.  Not sure what the reward will be yet.  Do you reward yourself for meeting goals?

28 Reasonable & Unreasonable Goals for 2012

1) Organize the house 

2) Run 26, 15, 10, 5,  3 miles (without dying)

3) Plan and shop ahead of time for weekly meals

4) Grow a garden

5) Keep a house plant alive...beyond a technicality

6) Have a respectable lawn

7) Decorate for every holiday

8) Reach my goal weight of 155 pounds

9) Wear mascara & eyeliner for a whole day without looking like I lost a boxing match

10) Dance in heels

11) Get grandparents regular actual photos of kidlets

12) Catch up on scrapbooks

13) Decorate every room in the house

14) Sew my own curtains

15) Make/sew a clothing item for myself

16) Upcycle, or refab a clothing item

17) Memorize a poem

18) Spend a day with the boys, and willingly let them play in a mud puddle (lord give me the strength)

19) Say morning & nightly prayers with the boys

20) Join a group of some sort

21) Try 5 new foods

22) Palm the floor (currently I can't even touch my toes)

23) Updated 5th gen pictures with the boy's 104 year old great great grandma

24) Create & Use Filing system (goodbye junk drawers....yes you read that right, plural)

25) Blog at least once a week (starting....NOW!)

26) Actually do/make at least one thing I pin on pinterest every week

27) Paint the living room (might have to wait for Hubby to deploy to get away with this one)

28) Get my 104  GGMIL's (Great Grandma In-Law) moonshine recipe!


Update 2/21/12: 
#5 - What is the opposite of progress? The plant I have had for 5 years that could be better described as tortured rather than living or dead...is well dead.  I tried to cut it back to see if I could bring it back to life and it didn't pull through.  So to complete this goal I will have to get a new plant.

#22 - Okay I can't palm the ground yet, but I can touch the floor now with my fingertips! That is what they call progress my friend.

#25 - Pretty easy to check on, but so far I am doing good on this one.

#26 - I made something I found on pinterest yesterday!

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