Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 Things I Love About You

I have been down in the dumps and spewing a lot of negativity lately.  So I'm going to share an exercise I use to help me get over it.  I make a list of 10 things I love and am grateful for.

I love my husband with all my heart, he is my rock, the ying to my yang, my other half, and unfortunately the person I tend to get upset at when my life goes into turmoil.

So babe, here is to overlooking tripping over your boots in the middle of the floor, to my purse and coat being thrown on the floor when you want to use the coat rack, to revving up the kids right before bedtime, not letting me get away with hogging all the blankets, turning the volume on the TV too loud, leaving refrigerated items on the counter instead of putting them away, leaving a trail of clothes throughout the house and ignoring the hamper, emptying the garbage without putting in a new sack, leaving whiskers in the sink, and not rinsing out the tub after washing an air filter.

10) You always notice and thank me for anything I do around the house. Thank you for appreciating me.

9) You always tell me I am beautiful and perfect for you when I most need it....like every time I look in a mirror.

8) You start my car in the morning so its warm and I don't have to scrape ice off the windows.

7) You indulge my obsession with cuddling, there is nothing like being held in your arms.

6) You mow the lawn and shovel the driveway and sidewalk with no complaints...ever!

5) You are amazing with our boys, and I hope they grow up to be just like you.

4) You introduce me to new books, and one of my favorite things about you is our shared love of reading.

3) You are hard working, down to earth, and honest. A man's man who provides for his family and takes them to church with him every Sunday.

2) You may not like to admit it, but you have such a huge heart.  I love how much you care...even when you act like you don't.

1) Have you seen you in a uniform? 'Nuff said ;)

I love you dear husband, though I am neurotic and a nagger, whiny and needy, I fly off the handle, am thin skinned with a big mouth, I battle depression, talk through movies, and can be sharp tongued .  You have made me happier than I have ever been in my life and inspire me to be a better person.

I am so proud of you, and grateful for giving me our perfect little loving family.

***Pictures by Leslie Bohle. Check out more of her work at BohleImages.com***

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