Saturday, February 18, 2012

Goal Progress #1

Remember my Post of 28 Goals?

Well I made some progress.  I cut myself *THREE* times, digging around for cooking utensils and decided I had put off organizing the drawers long enough.  I picked up some trays at WalMart which were around $8 a pop (at first I thought kinda spendy)...but now I'm thinking best investment ever.  I'm not sure if I regret not having a BEFORE picture, or am happy because of how embarrassing the state of the drawers were.

I did do some purging.  I grabbed an old grocery bag and put in the mismatched hand-me down silverware and utensils I've haven't used in a while.  The hubby and I bought a silverware set earlier this year (we are so grown up now...matching forks, spoons, and knives!!) It will take a little bit to get used to what is in what drawer, but it is so much easier to find what I am looking for by just opening the drawer.  AND no more bandaged fingers!
the adjustable holder, no slide bottom...serving pieces organized!
Cooking Sets and Spatulas together :)

matching silverware, and the kiddos utensils have a home now

Hodge Podge and accessories w/cords drawer

So in under 20 minutes I organized 4 drawers and started towards my goal of becoming more organized.  Bonus its super easy to keep organized, as the motto "Everything with a place, and Everything in its place" really does ring true. Okay, so I admit that last drawer doesn't look all that organized, but trust me it is an improvement and I can find stuff easier.

You  may remember I started this post mentioning that I cut myself, well all the knives got purged.  I have 3 Cutlery Sets that all include blocks, so I decided I didn't need the extra, hand-me down, free-floating, waiting-to-shank-the-next-unsuspecting-finger-digging -through-the-drawers assortment of knives.

*I do need to confess I have 2 more drawers to go through.  The rolling pins and baking stuff is still in need of some love. I also had so many more pieces, that are now packed up because I seldom use them.  But they are now separated by purpose in bags and all together in a shoe box in a newly organized closet.  I am really enjoying a more bare bones approach*

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