Friday, February 10, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes ~ The cycle continues

I have a childhood memory of riding in the box of the feed pickup with my sister, while Mom and Grandma went around the cows to put out mineral.  At the sight of the first cow I jumped up, pointed and shouted as loud as I could "Son of a Bitch! SON OF AAWWWHH  BIIIIITCH!"

Mom slammed on the brakes and I went splat on the back of the window (think that stuffed suction cupped Garfield everyone used to have in the rear window), then yelled "out what did you say?"  Being  honest, naive dumb I proudly repeated what I had said.  I don't remember exactly what mom said next, but this is the end of the conversation as I recall it.
Me: but that's what Daddy calls them
Mom: *sigh* Well, that's not appropriate right now...don't say it again.
Without speaking I gave my sister a look of, "So its not just another phrase that means cow?"
Who kindly returned a look that said "You dumbass"
Back story: I had rode along with Dad the day before while he was chasing escapee cows, or was it bulls in the wrong pasture?  It was before the huge concern of seatbelt safety for children (or we were just behind the times) and I remember bouncing around more than Tigger on a trampoline.  I held on to everything I could get my hands on but still would fly up at every bump and smack my head off the cab of the pickup.  Had I been a can of pop, its safe to say that everyone would have passed on popping that top.

Which brings me to last night.  Hubby took the toddler for a daddy day at the farm earlier in the week, and casually mentioned, while I was washing dishes.
Hubby: Um, so don't be surprised if Josh starts saying a new new word or two
Me: How many letters are we talking?
Hubby: .....
Me: Are they 4 letter words?
Hubby: Nope, more of a phrase....with 3, 2, 1, and 5 letters!
Me: ....SOB?
Hubby: Yep
Me: it's a dad thing isn't it? The cycle continues
Hubby: ?

I proceeded to tell him the story I just shared with you. I'm sure he will learn many phrases and words from Dad, Uncles, Grandpas, and many others.  I will cringe at them later.

Honestly it wasn't as bad as I thought, I also haven't caught him using it yet.  Though, for the last 6 months I've been having a heart attack every time he drops his fork....he tends to leave out the 'R'.

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