Monday, February 20, 2012

Great Job Mommy

Parenthood brings many words out of your mouth that are nearly impossible to make up or imagine.  Today I stayed home with both boys because the toddler was sick.

Throughout the day so many odd phrases and advice came out of my mouth.

  • No! No! No!  Do not hit your brother on the head with a muffin!
  • Sharing toys means he gets to play with toys too...He gets to hold the toy...He can play with the toy in his own way, he doesn't have to do it the same way you do....Just find a different toy please.
  • INC, like 'ink'....say it with me, Monsters Inc not Monsters 'Drink'
  • Stop luring your brother into rooms and locking him in.

My homegrown cheerleader
 and out of the toddler's mouth.

Toddler: I farted in my mouth!
Me: You mean you burped
Toddler: I fart and burp in my mouth

After I refilled his sippy with water; while unloading the dishwasher; turning on the TV; reading books; handing him a dropped toy; vacuuming; high fives & knuckles; getting a bottle for little brother I received the phrases of the day:
"Great Job Mommy!"; "Yay Mommy!"; "All Better!"; "Oooh Nice Job!" It is nice to be appreciated :) Makes me wonder though, he had to try reeeaaally hard to find something to be proud of mommy for.  At least we have the little things.

Mr. Grunt & Growl (why oh why couldn't this picture have been taken after I dusted?)

Toddler: hold on baby (finger up in the air)
Baby: grunting and growling while thumping rubber duck off the ground
Toddler: Mommy, tell baby brother no
Me: Brother is fine honey
Toddler: Not fine mommy, tell baby no no
Baby: demon possessed growling and thumping rubber duck off the ground
Toddler: serious look on face...Baby Mommy say No!

***The toddler thinks its up to him to decide the proper technique to be used when playing with toys.  He is having a hard time with his brother not doing things exactly how he thinks they should be done.
We have also been working on explaining that Mommy and Daddy are the only ones who can say no.  It pains the Toddler to not be able to boss his brother around, but he seems to think he found a loop hole today.***

The Toddler feeding his toys (why yes, that is the aforementioned rubber ducky...good eye)

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