Monday, March 18, 2013

Glory Glory Halleujah!

I am now 3 weeks behind in my photo bomb weekly posts...and I'm not sure when I'll get to doing a catch-up. No promises about getting to it. Confession time, I haven't been taking many pictures.  My mind has been too scattered and my heart wasn't in it.

What I have been doing is frantically trying to finish up house projects, spring cleaning, and a whole lot of daydreaming.  Birthday parties, walks outside when the sun is shining, and a never ending list of things I need to get done.

You might have noticed from my facebook page that there is some pretty exciting events happening in my family's life.  The Hubby is back in the USA and no longer in Afghanistan...or any other country that ends in 'Stan'!  Can I get a Wahooo and a Woot woot!?

My concentration is shot, my patience is spent, my heart is light and thankful that he is almost home.  I have a solid date on my count down, heck I even have a flight time to go pickup him up and bring him home!  It is taking all my willpower not to go down to Texas, but I know I can't interfere with De-mob. 
(One thing about this deployment, it has gave me ample practice at patience...I still don't have any)

Everyday the Toddler asks if we can "go bye bye and pickup Daddy so he can take us to Afghanistan?"

We are working on explanations, that no one will be going to Afghanistan.  
Daddy is home and staying home with us.  
Daddy is going to live with us again, that he will get to feed cows, ride in the tractor and be his sidekick at the farm.  That he will be around to do all those Daddy things we have been missing.

The Toddler says he has been saving the biggest hug and that Daddy is his "favorite sunshine".  

Then usually an argument ensues between the Toddler and the Big D, where each of them says "Daddy" and "mine" a lot. I may or may not join in on that argument as well.

Then the Toddler explains to me that when Daddy gets home he will go with him to the farm, that {Big D} can come sometimes but that Mommy will stay home all alone.  Mommy will cry and cry and cry until they come home and say "we are home Mommy, you can stop crying now".

I will admit, my homecoming daydreams vary quite a bit from my children's.  My biggest mission will be to set a good example and learn to share.  Oh Dear are going to get smothered.

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