Thursday, May 2, 2013


You might have noticed I changed the name of my blog.  I did so for a couple of reasons.

  1. I started the blog as a way to keep our day to day activities available to the Hubby while he was overseas.  Now that he is home Life of a Wife: just a wife waiting on her soldier to come home doesn't really fit. I have decided to continue blogging because I enjoy it and love that family and friends can keep up with us.
  2. My little blog is becoming more of a family journal now and will likely be documenting more life on the farm adventures and memories...and down the road we may end up building a house out of town or maybe on the farm...aka Sandstone Creek Ranch.
  3. With my readership mainly being family and friends I want to be easier to search for. When I started it I didn't have a name in mind.  So with the website of but named Life of a Wife, it was harder to search for.  If you try you will find hundreds of similarly named blogs that are much bigger than my little one.  Consider the move more grandma friendly.
  4. I'm a bit random, indecisive...and I just felt like it. 

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