Friday, May 3, 2013

A Paper Princess Adventure

A very dear friend of mine from college recruited my help in a school project for her daughter.  The 1st grade class made paper dolls (think flat Stanely) to send somewhere, anywhere, in search of an adventure. I immediately agreed...and then began wondering what kind of adventure I could find for a paper doll.

I know, I know, of course she picked me!  Who else would pop into your mind at the first thought of adventure? Luckily I so happened to actually have something penciled in besides.

In February I attended a While They Are Gone Yellow Ribbon Event.  My mom was on deck for watching the kiddos and I was to catch a ride with a fellow wife and wonderful friend...and her 4 daughters.**  I had originally thought the adventure could be hunting for a prom dress for the oldest daughter, or going along with them for some waterslides....or drinks with the other wives. I knew there had to be an adventure in there somewhere. The weekend turned out to be so nice, lots of information and resources about what to expect with our soldiers coming home. It also had the perfect thing for a princess and her paper likeness to present and share with her class.

In case you don't recognize the gentleman above, His name is Arthur Boorman.  Please watch his video below, and get familiar with his story.  Grab a box of kleenex and prepare to be inspired while you are at it.

The Keynote Speaker was Arthur   He is even so much more amazing in real life.  A kind soul, intelligent, and down to earth man.  I especially found his telling about how he and his wife handled deployment and reintegration helpful. He is a special education teacher that used his own journey to teach and show his students that within themselves they can overcome anything.  I would actually also love to meet his wife, they way he spoke about her and his family shines a light that the entire family is nothing short of inspirational all on their own.

** If you are reading this friend, I swear I still stick to my original story, they were fine.  You have done a great job.  They are wonderful girls.  I promise!

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