Friday, October 4, 2013

A Nicer House

Earlier this week, as requested by the boys', we stopped in on a Great Aunt for a visit.  Apparently a long overdue visit as they enjoyed themselves so much they didn't want to go home.  The next day following our visit began a relocation discussion.

Pre-Schooler:  Where are we going? 
Me: We are going home. 
Pre-Schooler:  Why are we going home? 
Me: Because that's where we live. 
Pre-Schooler: Well...I don't want to live there. 
Me: Where should we live then? 
Pre-Schooler:  Well...we could live with Brenda! 
Big D: Yay! Bwenda! 
Me:  Why don't you want to live at our house? 
Pre-Schooler:  Because our house is not nice. 
Pre-Schooler: But, Brenda's house is really nice, we should just live with her. 
Big D:  Yay, Live Bwenda! 
Me:  Why isn't our house nice? 
Pre-Schooler:  Well...its not as nice as Brenda's.  We will live there now. 
Big D:  Go Bwenda's now?

In my defense...though Brenda's house may in fact be nicer than mine...I feel it is at least in part due to her having grown up children and not Toddlers.  Also further inquiry into what constitutes "nice" was found to be "no toys all over the floor in a mess".  Which leads me to bet that niceness exists in the home that small children do not.

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